Branch Officers and Stewards Elections – 2017

Camden Unison will shortly be electing its branch officers and stewards for the forthcoming year (March 2017- March 2018). Please consider standing to serve in the Unison branch if you want to represent your colleagues and press for a better deal for fellow members. Please click on one of these links to access the relevant nomination forms.

Branch officers


Forms should be returned to the branch office in the Crowndale Centre or by email to George Binette by 17th February 2017.



Don’t forget to come to our AGM this year – we will be discussing crucial issues which affect us all


February is LGBT’s History Month – celebrate with this programme of events

… including a screening of Pride in 5PS


Unison LGBT training and organisation day – 24th February

Please find attached a flyer and sign-up form for a Greater London Unison LGBT training & organisation day on 24th February.

No to Trump’s discriminatory travel policy

We are glad to see that Camden Council has condemned US President Donald Trump’s ban on people from seven majority-Muslim countries from entering and re-entering the US.


We are categorically opposed to such a policy, which has disrupted the lives and plans of many ordinary people and sets a dangerous precedent for attacks on the rights of religious and racial minorities in a liberal democracy. We are disappointed at the Prime Minister’s supine stance on this issue and reluctance to speak out against the discriminatory policies that are now being foisted on people travelling to the US.

Please sign this petition in support of vulnerable people with mental health issues

Your support is invaluable – many thanks


‘Fat Cat’ Wednesday

According to the High Pay Centre the typical boss of one of the top 100 British companies will have earned more by lunchtime today than the average worker will earn all year!

A clear sign of how skewed the distribution of income is these days, and a sign that Britain needs a pay rise!

Social workers reject government’s reform proposals

Unison has produced an extensive report detailing how social workers largely reject government plans to open up social services to private companies. Read it below. Continue reading

Pipes burst while profits flow

George Binette, Camden Unison Branch Secretary, writes for the Islington Tribune on the recent spate of burst pipes in London. As Victorian pipes burst, massive profits continue to flow into the accounts of the privatised water companies – as much as £1.2bn in Thames Water’s case.

Perhaps it’s time to take a leaf from the book of the municipal reformers and socialists of the 19th & 20th centuries and take a vital natural monopoly like water back into public hands.

CBWG General Meeting – 26th January 2017 @ 3pm in 5PS

The Camden Black Workers’ Group (CBWG) will be having a general meeting on Thursday, 26th January 2017 @ 3pm and the focus will be on women of colour.

General Meeting