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UNISON is in national negotiations with our employers about our 2022/23 pay claim, and we expect an offer from the employers next week. If the offer is not near our claim, then we will be balloted about taking strike action. The details and timing of that won’t be decided by our negotiators until after we have the offer from the employers, but it’s important that we are ready for action and all options!

Camden UNISON is asking everyone to do four things so that we are as well organised and as prepared as possible.


This is easy to do and there are a couple of ways. You can register with My UNISON, which takes a couple of minutes and is worth doing anyway, and then update your details yourself. The link below takes you there on the UNISON website:


Or you can complete the form attached and email it back to unison@camden.go.uk and we can update your details for you.




We have to get over 50% of our members voting in a strike ballot, one of the anti-union laws that the Tories brought in. That means every vote matters! So the more people who are circulating information about the pay campaign, explaining that the money’s there to fund it, speaking to people about it, helping to phone bank when a ballot starts, the more likely we are to get over 50% turnout.

If you can help do some of this kind of thing and can be a Pay Campaigner in your workplace/school/team/service, then email unison@camden.gov.uk and let us know. And if you’re interested in becoming a steward let us know that too – you can get some facility time, training and support, you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

We always have more chance of winning if we’re organised!


And we also have more chance of winning if we’re bigger! So why not help us recruit new members? When you speak to colleagues, ask them if they’re in UNISON – and if they aren’t, ask if they’d like to join. In the last few weeks we’ve seen different unions like the rail and postal workers standing up for their members, locally our reps have been taking up all kinds of issues like working in hot temperatures, challenging restructures, campaigning against racism and much more, and of course we’re getting ready to fight for a decent pay rise – lots of reasons to join us!


Below is a link you can send on to anyone who wants to join:

Join UNISON and get essential cover



We know some of you are planning a well-earned break over the next few weeks, or if you work in a school the holidays are about to start, but over the next few weeks there will be lots of pay updates – what the employers offer, our response, the case for paying us properly and funding our services, so please do keep checking your emails.

Don’t let the Tories steal our pensions!

The government has put a cap on the amount you can get if you are made redundant at very short notice and with no meaningful consultation. Most people effected by this will be those who are made redundant who are over the age of 55. It will come into force on 4 November and means from then on, severance packages will not exceed a maximum of £95,000 in value. Although that can seem like a lot, it includes:


  • Statutory Redundancy Pay
  • Discretionary Severance Pay
  • Pension strain costs (see below)


Pension strain costs


Under current regulations a member made redundant or retired on the grounds of efficiency over the age of 55 has to take the pension they have earned in their current LGPS service immediately at the point of redundancy (including any previous LGPS service that a member has combined with the current service). This pension is not reduced by an early retirement factor for early payment as it would be if it was the member retiring voluntarily. The LGPS employer then must pay their LGPS fund the cost of removing the early retirement reduction. The cost is based on the member drawing their pension from their normal pension age. If they draw their pension before their normal retirement age, they are receiving their pension for longer. Depending on how early this can be very expensive and put a strain on the LGPS fund if not paid for. That is why the employer is asked to pay the fund for this cost. This is called the strain cost.


So how will this affect the £95,000 cap?


This strain cost that the employer pays will be included in the £95,000 exit cap. The cap will also include statutory redundancy pay and any other severance payments.

This means that even some low and medium paid staff may hit the cap if they have more than 30 years’ service and made redundant in their mid to late 50’s.


UNISON has consistently and strongly opposed all the above changes since they were first proposed in 2015 and will continue to do so through any means available.

UNISON is responding to the MHCLG consultation arguing that severance should not be eroded and is completely opposed to offsetting the severance payments, including Statutory Redundancy Pay, against payments to remove reductions for pensions for those over 55. This is penal and potentially discriminatory.


What can you do?


In recent email to members, we have attached letters for you to send in as part of the consultation – please do this as soon as possible. And please keep an eye on any further information we send to you in emails.



One of our neighbouring UNISON branches at SOAS (part of London University) has been campaigning against management plans to make almost 90 members of staff redundant at the end of this month, including cleaners, catering staff, admin and library workers.


At the Camden UNISON branch committee meeting in September, we agreed to support their planned strike action against the compulsory redundancies. However, as they were about to start striking, management asked to meet with the UNISON branch. At the meeting, management withdrew the threat of compulsory redundancies.


This is great news for a branch that was one of the first to support our traffic wardens when they were on strike both with donations and by visiting their picket lines. We were really pleased to be able to send a message of support and our Branch Secretary, Liz Wheatley, spoke at their online victory rally.

In the coming weeks, SOAS UNISON will be launching a new Fair Workload campaign to ensure that all SOAS staff have manageable workloads and are appropriately paid for the duties they perform in the new structure.


10% to pay the rent!

Since 2009, pay in Local Government has fallen by 22% in real terms while the cost of living has skyrocketed. That means every week, you work one day for free compared to 10 years ago!

Our current national pay award comes to an end in March 2020 so UNISON has submitted a claim for a 10% pay increase for council and school workers. The claim also includes one additional day annual leave, a two hour reduction in the standard working week and a comprehensive review of the workplace causes of stress.

Inflation is forecast to reach 3% by 2023, which means that the cost of living will grow by over 15% in the next 4 years. And at the same time as pay has gone down, transport has gone up by 51%, electricity 48%, house prices 37% and childcare costs 32%.

We deserve a decent pay rise and we must be prepared to fight for it if necessary.


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