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New contract buyout: UNISON advice

Having held further discussions with management and councillors, Camden Unison is now in a position to give updated advice for members on the proposed new contract buyout. This particularly relevant to members on old contracts, but also to members on the new ones so please do read the attached document and take note of this advice. Continue reading

UNISON advice on the new contracts for members on old contracts

contractIn light of the changes to the pay scheme on the “new” (post-2012) contracts, I was requested at the supporting people shop stewards committee to circulate revised advice on these contracts for members still on the “old” (pre-2012) contracts, because some members may want to consider switching. Continue reading

My Performance: better but still discriminatory, unless you are a senior manager


Average bonus allocation per employee by salary level

Camden UNISON has completed a detailed analysis of the My Performance PRP scheme. Data on its first year was shared with us by management, and it shows that while in some areas it is a significant improvement on the new scheme, with bonuses it still discriminates against those earning under £40k per year, those from black and minority ethnic (BME) backgrounds, part-time workers and those aged over 45. Continue reading

UNISON advice on the new appraisal and PRP scheme

payprogressionFollowing a campaign from Unison we successfully achieved an improved appraisal and performance related pay scheme. Here is our advice for members on the new scheme, and what to do if you are unhappy with your performance status. Continue reading

Camden drops discriminatory appraisal scheme

FolloPRPwing three years of campaigning against the performance related pay (PRP) and appraisal scheme, we are extremely pleased that Camden has agreed to drop the scheme. Camden UNISON had demonstrated that the scheme penalised workers earning under £40k, black and minority ethnic staff, part-time workers, workers aged over 40 and disabled workers, and our survey also showed it was deeply unpopular and demotivating for most members.
Continue reading

Appraisals and PRP: Consultation starts on a new scheme

PRP-imageCamden UNISON has consistently opposed performance related pay (PRP) and the associated five-point appraisal system since it was first proposed by senior management in 2011. So we are pleased to announce that there have been initial discussions with HR on developing a new, fairer scheme. Continue reading

PRP: Evidence of ongoing discrimination as council refuses to share full figures

Distribution of 5 ratings by salary band 2012-13

Distribution of 5 ratings by salary band 2012-13

There is strong evidence that performance related pay continues to detrimentally impact on BME, average and low-paid, older and disabled staff. However having previously promised to provide the full figures of appraisal ratings to UNISON like they did last year, senior management is now refusing to provide these figures and has also rejected our Freedom of Information request. Continue reading

PRP: 15 years to get to the top of your grade if you’re “good”

What Justin Bieber may look like in 2030

What Justin Bieber may look like in 2030

Have you recently started in a new role in Camden? If so and you are at the bottom of your pay grade on the P&M contracts (so level 3 zone 1 and up) then it could be 2030 by the time you get to the top of the grade – and only then if you score a 3 in your appraisal every year. And if you are lower paid, you may never reach the top. Continue reading

UNISON wins PRP pay increase and bonuses for member

cashCamden UNISON has won a performance related pay increase and bonus for a member who was appointed to a new role on 1 April, which HR originally stated would not be paid. The win then indirectly benefited two other members of staff in the same position. Continue reading

July payroll error

It came to our attention that some Council employee members on the new contracts have not receive their bonuses or backdated element of their performance related pay increases. We raised this issue with HR on 14 July. They have since informed us that the error should be rectified in pay packets in August, however if individuals have particular circumstances which means they need the payments immediately this can be done so contact HRDirect and speak to your union rep if you don’t get a timely response.