Meeting on 12th July @ 6.30pm: Justice for Grenfell and Safe Secure Homes for All

Justice for Grenfell – safe secure homes for all Emergency Meeting

Wed 12 July 6.30pm 

Somers Town Community Centre

150 Ossulston St NW1 1EE 


Grenfell Justice campaign
Matt Wrack, Fire Brigade Union
Kevin Courtney (teachers union)
Tenant reps from across London



National Unison message to Camden members

This is a message to members from Unison nationally to members in Camden on the Chalcot Estate evacuation.

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1st July demonstration

Unison’s General Secretary, Dave Prentis, announced today that the union would be supporting the 1st July People’s Assembly Against Austerity demonstration against the government.

The general election result, which bucked the polls which suggested a Tory landslide, showed that there is in fact a significant level of support for Jeremy Corbyn and Labour’s anti-austerity policies. The loss of their overall majority means that the Conservatives do not have a mandate to rule for the next parliamentary term, and may have to make an unseemly agreement with the Northern Irish Protestant religiously-conservative DUP.

Social workers oppose new accreditation system

As you may know, the Government is in the process of rolling out a new National Assessment and Accreditation System (NAAS) for all children and family social workers who carry out a statutory function. More than 90% of social workers oppose it, and we are holding a meeting at 1 PM on Wednesday 14 June for social workers to meet and discuss it. Continue reading

Cancellation of 23rd May rally against school funding cuts

As a mark of respect for the victims of last night’s horrific atrocity in Manchester, Camden NUT and UNISON have called off the ‘Big School Assembly’ at Talacre Gardens, which had been organised as a protest against threatened cuts in school funding. In the meantime, Camden UNISON extends its gratitude to healthworkers and others in the emergency services – many of them UNISON members – who have had to respond in the aftermath of the bombing  with compassion in caring for the injured and bereaved.


Rally against school funding cuts – 23rd May at 5pm in Talacre Gardens

There will be a rally called by the NUT on 23rd May in Talacre Gardens against the cuts the Conservative government’s new funding formula will mean for schools. 

Have a say on YOUR pay claim for 2018-19

Your union has started to consult members across councils in England, Wales and Northern Ireland about the pay claim to submit to the local authority employers for the next financial year. Here is how you can have your say. Continue reading

Leaks from Labour? Manifestly welcome!

The Mirror has an article up this morning revealing policies in Labour’s draft manifesto for the 8th June general election. They include more funding for the NHS and social care, a return to free higher education, taking the railways and the postal service back into public ownership, a repeal of the draconian 2016 Trade Union Act and an increase in workers’ rights.

There is a need to strengthen workers’ bargaining power as Britain is one of the few countries in Europe (other than Italy and Greece) to have seen a fall in average wages over the past decade after taking inflation into account.

The increase in spending on public services will be funded by reversing the cuts in tax on company profits which the government has made since 2010, and there will be an increase in income tax on earnings above £80,000 (which will only affect the top 5% of earners).

These are policies that trade unionists and many other members of the public can get behind – as these will benefit the British public as workers and as citizens.

Settlement reached in Derby TAs dispute

Unison Teaching Assistants in Derby fought back against downgrading and pay cuts that the City Council were trying to impose on them. After 73 days, a settlement has been reached in the dispute. We would like to thank members who donated to their hardship fund, for which there was a collection at our AGM.

Register to vote in the 8th June 2017 General Election

As people will be aware, a general election has been called for 8th June. UK, Irish and Commonwealth citizens aged over 18 will be eligible to vote. If you believe you or anyone you know is eligible to vote and not registered – or if you have moved home recently and believe you have not been registered at your new address, then please do so by 22 May.

The online link to start the process is here.