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The Camden UNISON branch is run by its members: employees of the council and its subcontractors.

We always need new people to get involved to make the union as active and dynamic as possible and ensure that it is as representative as possible of its membership.

There are many ways to get more involved in the union. You can decide on your own level of involvement, there is full support from a large network of experienced local reps and branch officers, as well as support from UNISON regionally and from UNISON’s solicitors.

For certain roles, paid time off is provided for union activities, and paid time off is available to undertake free training courses.

So don’t delay, help your co-workers today and get involved.

Roles in Camden UNISON

Workplace contacts
This is an ideal role for getting started in the union. Workplace contacts help distribute union information to members in their team, and help communicate local members’ concerns to the union branch.

Shop stewards
UNISON shop stewards are elected reps who help organise, recruit and represent members in their workplace. Paid time off for training and for union activities is provided.

Health and safety reps
A UNISON health and safety rep helps to make sure that people’s jobs and their workplaces do not cause injury or ill-health. Paid time off for training and for union activities is provided.

Branch roles
There are various other branch officer roles in Camden UNISON, from pensions contacts to equalities officers.

To discuss any of these roles further, get in touch with your local rep, or if you don’t know who your local rep is contact the branch office on the details below.

Useful Document(s):

Training courses for UNISON stewards and other branch officials: Education Programme 2017


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