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Unison guidance on agile working

agile1Brief guidance for Camden Council workers using the new agile working equipment including laptops and Lync phones. Continue reading

A foreseeable risk: agile working isn’t all rosy

laptopRather than “setting you free”, agile working as it is currently being managed is causing problems for staff, with over 80% suffering health problems as a result. Here is feedback from staff trialling agile working at Caversham Road, gathered by Camden Unison. Continue reading

Take your breaks!

We all need regular breaks at work. Unison reps in Camden regularly come into contact with people who have suffered work-related disability or ill-health, including people who are now permanently disabled with RSI because of the amount of typing they’ve done for work. There are also concerns to do with mental health and cardiovascular problems from working in an office setting. We can all help reduce the likelihood of developing similar problems by developing a culture where we all take regular breaks at work.

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