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Tory School Meal Scandal

News over the last few days has been dominated by the vote in the House of Commons to deny help for children who usually get free school meals over this half-term and Christmas. This is a real disgrace – the 322 Tory MPs who voted against free school meals being extended have a basic parliamentary income of over £26m (also more than the total COVID-relief given to Greater Manchester). And of course they also claim thousands in expenses – Matt Hancock claimed over £60k last year – and have all their meals at the Commons subsidised by us. The huge response by ordinary people to make sure no child goes hungry is amazing, but shouldn’t be needed in one of the richest countries in the world.
However, we know that some of our members and their children will be affected by this, so please see below for a link where children and young people who are entitled to free school meals can go this week:
And here’s the links to a couple of petitions you may want to spend a few minutes signing. The first is by Marcus Rashford calling for the government to provide free school meals in the holidays, and the second is calling for an end to MPs subsidised meals:


Dear Camden UNISON member,


First of all, we hope that you’re all keeping as well as possible. This is a worrying time for us all and making sure you are as safe as possible is really important.If you work for one of the private companies on a Camden Council contract, there will be some differences to the situation for members who work directly for Camden. We are trying to send out emails to you via your employer group, so an email will go out to members working for NSL, and for those of you working for Caterlink.

For information now, though, the work you do for both of those companies is critical for Camden to respond to the CV19 crisis. Caterlink staff are helping to provide the meals for children in the schools and wider community. NSL are, amongst other things, making sure that health workers have access to the additional parking spaces reserved for them so they can get to work safely and quickly, and to keep the public transport (buses) running for essential workers to use. There will be more detail in the specific emails.

But UNISON believes the same guidelines on pay when having symptoms or self-isolating should be in place, and you should not lose out financially if you are ill/have to stay at home in line with government advice due to CV19. If you are told otherwise, please speak to your local rep and email

We also believe that in some of the jobs you already do, you should have things like sanitiser and/or wipes as appropriate as you can’t easily access soap and water whilst carrying out an important role where you have contact with, for example, door handles, lifts, vehicles. Ask your manager locally for this, but if it is not provided contact your rep or email to discuss.

I hope that this is helpful information, you can also find more on the national UNISON website, but if you have any queries, please email us.

And don’t forget to show your support for our NHS workers tonight!


Liz Wheatley
Branch Secretary
Telephone:   020 7974 1633


3rd floor Crowndale Centre
218 Eversholt Street
London NW1 1BD


Justice4Grenfell – Silent March Thurs 14 Nov, 7pm, Notting Hill Methodist Church


MEMORIAL164_2[1]There is a monthly Justice4Grenfell Silent March this Thursday. Camden UNISON have been on quite a lot of these in the last two and a half years. However, after the release of the first part of the inquiry report it seems very important that we go this month. The attack on firefighters who risked their lives has been a disgrace, and the comments of Jacob Rees-Mogg (saying he would have ignored the fire brigade advice and left the building, implying he is cleverer than Grenfell residents) an insult to all of those in the tower. Therefore we’re joining the march with the Camden UNISON banner. We’re leaving the branch office in the Crowndale Centre by 6pm if you want to travel with us, otherwise look for the banner at 7pm at Notting Hill Methodist Church, 240 Lancaster Rd W11 4AH.

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