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Branch committee meeting minutes 14 May 2018

A summary of the minutes from our last branch committee meeting which began with a speaker from Camden Against Violence. Continue reading


May branch officers’ meeting minutes

Summary of the minutes of the branch officers meeting on 1 May 2018. Continue reading

Annual leave carryover on new contracts reinstated

Camden UNISON is happy to announce that during discussions we have been taking part in with management on the new contract buyout, management have agreed for staff on the new (post-2012) contracts that 5 days annual leave can be carried into the following annual leave year at management discretion. Continue reading

New Camden “new contract” buyout

keep-calmCamden management are rolling out a new window for members to voluntarily switch to the new contracts. This is the initial advice from Camden Unison, which is in short to not sign up yet until we can get guarantees that the lowest paid will not be hit the hardest. Continue reading

2018-19 pay scales and info

The 2018-19 NJC pay award should be applied to employees’ pay packets in the May pay run, backdated to 1 April 2018. Here is more info on the pay award and downloadable pay scales for this year. Continue reading

Branch committee minutes 16 April 2018

Summary minutes of the last Camden Unison branch committee meeting. Continue reading

Branch officers meeting minutes 27 February 2018

For transparency and to ensure members are kept informed about what Camden Unison is up to, we are starting to add summaries of the minutes of key meetings of the branch to our website for members. Continue reading

The Windrush generation and a hostile environment

Information and advice for members in Camden negatively affected by the government’s “hostile environment” policy. Continue reading

Report from Unison women’s conference

A report of the national Unison women members’ conference from one of Camden Unison’s delegates. Continue reading

Report from Unison black members conference

Here is a report back from Unison black members’ conference from Camden Unison’s  delegates.

Continue reading