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Caterlink Unison newsletter 8

Please see below our latest newsletter for school meals workers on the Camden Caterlink contract, with updates about Inset day pay, the contract and an upcoming meeting we have for all members on Wednesday 22 November at 3 PM at the Crowndale centre. Continue reading

Camden UNISON wins reinstatement for two private sector members

an-injury-to-one-is-an-injury-to-allIn the past few weeks we have successfully won reinstatement for two dismissed workers on outsourced contracts at Shaw Healthcare and Caterlink. Continue reading

New living wage rates announced as part of living wage week

The start of last London Rateweek brought the announcement of the revised rate for the London Living Wage (LLW) in 2016. From next April the minimum hourly rate for employers paying LLW as a basic hourly rate will rise from the current £9.15 to £9.40.  Continue reading

School meals workers’ newsletter #06

spatula-fist-logoPlease see below the new issue of our newsletter for school meals workers with updates about the living wage campaign success at Caterlink, new pay arrangements and what’s next for the campaign. Continue reading

Camden UNISON living wage victory for school meals workers

Residential care workers and dinner ladies lobbying the Council for the living wage. Photograph courtesy of William McLellan, Camden New Journal

After more than  a year of campaigning, we have a successfully achieved a promise of the implementation of the London living wage of £9.15 per hour from 1 September 2015 for nearly 300 workers in 51 schools on the Caterlink contract: an increase of nearly 40% on their current pay rate of £6.60 per hour. Continue reading

Camden UNISON newsletter for Caterlink staff #05

IMG_7453 See below the latest issue of our newsletter for Camden Caterlink workers, with information about the campaign, explaining the indicative ballot for industrial action which will begin next term and pointing out reasons we think members should vote Yes for strike action, and that nonmembers should join us and fight for the London living wage. Continue reading

Living wage campaign: CNJ takes aim at Caterlink


In an excellent article in the latest Camden New Journal, they have revealed that while their Camden employees earning £6.60 per hour demonstrated outside the Town Hall earlier this month, Caterlink’s parent company was selling £1400 bottles of champagne just yards away in King’s Cross station. And while the company claimed it couldn’t afford £460,000 to pay its 300 Camden school meals workers the living wage of £8.80 per hour it made an operating profit of £24.6 million. Continue reading

Our living wage lobby makes CNJ front page

2015.03.05 CNJ front pageCamden UNISON’s lobby of the council on Monday for the living wage of around 60 residential care worker and Caterlink school meals worker members  got front-page coverage in the Camden New Journal, as well as detailed reporting within.  Reel News also made a short film about the demonstration and the campaigns, which you can see below. Continue reading

Sign our petition in support of the living wage for Caterlink workers

Please sign our petition in support of the London living wage for Camden school meals workers who are currently paid just over the national minimum wage, at £6.60 per hour. Please encourage your colleagues, friends and family to sign as well! Continue reading

Camden UNISON newsletter for Caterlink staff #04

Please see below for the latest news on the campaign for a living wage for Camden school meals workers, as a packed members’ meeting votes for an indicative ballot for industrial action. Also contains advice for members about Inset day and other backpay claims, and the full text of the motion passed by the meeting. Continue reading