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As inflation continues to soar, our employers have offered another pay cut in real terms. We’ve already lost over 25% of our wages in the last decade, but this year we face huge increases in our fuel bills, food, rent and travel. This means that in fact the offer is one of the biggest wage cuts in recent years.

Because of this, Camden UNISON is recommending to members to vote to REJECT the offer in the consultation taking place.

Consultation – Remember, remember the 1st of September!

The consultation will begin on Thursday 1 September and will close at 12 noon on Monday 19 September. You will receive an email with an electronic vote (or a postal vote if we do not have your email). Please email to let us know if you haven’t received a vote by 8 Sept.

UNISON is consulting all members working in schools and councils about the 2022 pay offer. This offer is for a flat rate increase of £2355 at every grade (this includes Inner London Weighting) and an additional day annual leave from April 2023. Other parts of the claim such as a working from home allowance, reducing the working week and a one-off covid payment were rejected. You can read the full details of the pay claim in this link: Joint Negotiating Committee for Local Authority (

Note: This is NOT a lump sum payment of £2355, it means that your salary will go up by that amount over the year.

UNISON’s claim was for £2445 in London or RPI, currently 11.8% and rising, whichever was the highest. This offer doesn’t meet either of those. Although this offer gives more to the lowest grades, even they lose out in real terms.

For example compared to a pay rise that matches inflation, this offer means:

A library worker on Level 2 Zone 1 will lose at least £15.55 a week in real terms.

A teaching assistant in a school at the top of Scale 3 (NJC) will lose £9.29 a week and one at the top of Scale 4 (NJC) will lose £13.32 a week in real terms.

A caretaker on Level 2 Zone 1 will lose at least £15.55 a week with this pay offer compared to one matching inflation.

A Business Support Officer on Level 2 Zone 2 will lose at least £21.87 a week with this offer compared to what they would get if the offer matched inflation.

One of the most common grades is Level 3 Zone 1, and if that’s your grade, you’ll lose at least £25.37 a week compared to a pay offer matching inflation.

You can find the information about what this offer means for you compared to one that matched inflation by going to our pay micro-site using this link below and clicking on Camden Pay Scales 2022:

Cost Of Living Crisis
Over the next few months, inflation will continue to increase, possibly reaching 17% in the next few months. Our fuel bills will rocket over winter as yet again the ‘price cap’ is raised, so many members will face a winter of hardship. There are now more foodbanks in this country than branches of McDonalds, and millions use them every day.

Bosses Get Rich
But the money is there. There are now more billionaires in the UK, with even more money than ever before. Oil companies have had record profits, city bosses are getting huge bonuses and company bosses like ‘Foodbank’ Phil Jansen at BT had a 32% wage increase to £3.5m. It’s a political decision not to fund public services and public sector pay. As profits boom, it’s time to say enough is enough.

Resistance Is Growing
We aren’t alone in facing pay cuts though, and resistance to them is growing. We’ve seen strikes by rail, tube, bus, communication and even Amazon workers and barristers, with more planned by them. Journalists at the Mirror and Express are striking this week. Some council workers in Scotland are striking over their pay offer, and health workers, teachers, civil servants and more are balloting.

Reject The Offer
That’s why our branch committee voted unanimously to recommend a vote to REJECT the offer.

It’s very important that we have a good turnout in this consultation, and a clear message to reject the offer. To do this means getting publicity out, talking to colleagues, reminding them to vote. If you want to help us with this and in our fight for decent pay, with not become a Pay Campaigner? Email to let us know.


Liz Wheatley
Branch Secretary

Tel: 020 7974 1633

Camden UNISON Branch Office
3rd Floor Crowndale Centre
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