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The Windrush generation and a hostile environment

Information and advice for members in Camden negatively affected by the government’s “hostile environment” policy. Continue reading

Dependency leave victory for workers on new contracts

dependency-leaveCamden UNISON is happy to be able to announce that we have negotiated a further significant improvement for members on the “new” (post-October 2012) contracts, so now members are entitled to dependency leave even if they have not exhausted their annual leave. Continue reading

Why I celebrate International Women’s Day

121030_mr_26th-march_women2-745x4208 March is International Women’s Day. In this post Louise Trewavas gives her personal reasons for celebrating IWD. Continue reading

My Performance: better but still discriminatory, unless you are a senior manager


Average bonus allocation per employee by salary level

Camden UNISON has completed a detailed analysis of the My Performance PRP scheme. Data on its first year was shared with us by management, and it shows that while in some areas it is a significant improvement on the new scheme, with bonuses it still discriminates against those earning under £40k per year, those from black and minority ethnic (BME) backgrounds, part-time workers and those aged over 45. Continue reading

Camden recognises BME’s contribution in their 50 Years Celebrations event

Fraser Valdez of Camden Black Workers Group (CBWG) writes: As part of an event on 30 November to celebrate 50 years of Camden, the CBWG and Camden together gave recognition to BME figures that have made significant contributions to the borough. Continue reading

Appraisals and PRP: Consultation starts on a new scheme

PRP-imageCamden UNISON has consistently opposed performance related pay (PRP) and the associated five-point appraisal system since it was first proposed by senior management in 2011. So we are pleased to announce that there have been initial discussions with HR on developing a new, fairer scheme. Continue reading

PRP: Evidence of ongoing discrimination as council refuses to share full figures

Distribution of 5 ratings by salary band 2012-13

Distribution of 5 ratings by salary band 2012-13

There is strong evidence that performance related pay continues to detrimentally impact on BME, average and low-paid, older and disabled staff. However having previously promised to provide the full figures of appraisal ratings to UNISON like they did last year, senior management is now refusing to provide these figures and has also rejected our Freedom of Information request. Continue reading

Performance related pay (year one): evidence of discrimination and big boosts for the highest paid

5As this year’s appraisals take place, Camden UNISON has discovered that last year the highest-paid senior managers were 33 times more likely to receive top performance ratings than the lowest paid. The resulting ‘bonuses’ are worth over £3,400 a year. Meanwhile, white workers were over four and a half times more likely than black workers to receive exceptional ratings. Continue reading

Unpopular, demotivating and potentially discriminatory: results of our PRP survey

Chart_Q7_140121Here are the results of an extensive survey carried out by Camden UNISON last year on the introduction of performance related pay (PRP) in the council. Importantly, it shows that PRP is deeply unpopular, demotivating, and appears to substantially discriminate against those over 40, part-time workers, those earning under £40,000 per year, and could also discriminate against women, black and minority ethnic (BME) and disabled workers. Continue reading

Praying at work – Update

Update on the praying at work case: Continue reading