Public Sector Pay

The Local Government employers body has finally responded to UNISON rejecting the 1.5% pay ‘offer’ and come back with……1.75%! We all know how vital council workers have been to keeping our communities safe and well during the pandemic, and this is a disgraceful response. There is plenty of money there – the number of billionaires in this country went up during the height of the pandemic in 2020, the Tories gave millions of pounds of public money to their friends and families for ‘covid contracts’ and yet they expect us to quietly accept a pay cut in real terms, and only offer 3% to NHS workers (also a cut in real terms).

You will be consulted about this ‘offer’ in September, and we will be circulating information over the next few weeks, but below are some links to UNISON’s initial comments, plus a couple of things you can do:

1) Update your personal details – you can do that using the link below or by emailing Please do not assume that UNISON has your correct address/phone number/workplace etc. It matters that we have your details so that we can include you in the consultation, and if we need to ballot you for industrial action.

1. Email your MP – use the link below and share it widely. It only takes a couple of minutes and is one of a number of things that can make a difference:

UNISON information you may want to read:

‘Now is the time – have your say on pay’

Fair pay for council and school workers

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