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Unwell or disabled? Don’t just leave!

handsSometimes workers who have become  seriously ill or disabled are tempted to resign or retire, however you should not do this before talking to your Unison rep: as recent two cases in CSF show where members nearly missed out on tens of thousands of pounds of benefits, as John Shepherd explains. Continue reading

Unison secures full sick pay for cleaner battling with cancer

A long-time school cleaner in her late 60s, who is undergoing intensive treatments for cancer, had a modest windfall at the end of January. Camden Council’s cleaning and maintenance contractor, the Danish-based multinational ISS, finally agreed to pay her Occupational Sick Pay (OSP). The cleaner had originally started work well over 20 years before as a Camden employee and had toiled continuously ever since for a number of private contractors after Camden first outsourced the cleaning function, so she should have retained her entitlement to the local government sick pay scheme (six months full pay for up to six months) under the protection afforded by the TUPE regulations. Continue reading