My Performance: better but still discriminatory, unless you are a senior manager


Average bonus allocation per employee by salary level

Camden UNISON has completed a detailed analysis of the My Performance PRP scheme. Data on its first year was shared with us by management, and it shows that while in some areas it is a significant improvement on the new scheme, with bonuses it still discriminates against those earning under £40k per year, those from black and minority ethnic (BME) backgrounds, part-time workers and those aged over 45.

We have produced an in-depth report on the scheme which you can read in full here. But here we give an overview of the findings.

As you can see in the above graph, bonuses continue to go massively disproportionately to the highest paid: with those earning over £60k receiving an estimated average of £449 each in bonus money*, whereas for those earning under £20k no one received a penny. And those on £20-30k were allocated an average of just £19 each.

Allocation of bonus money by ethnicity is just as bad, and the scheme remains institutionally racist: white staff received £122 on average, with Asian staff receiving £94 and black staff receiving just £54 each.

In the old scheme management claimed that disproportionality in bonuses between ethnic groups was due to the fact that there are disproportionately few black and minority ethnic staff in senior roles, but they refused to provide the evidence of this requested by Unison. This time around management has agreed to provide this information, which we appreciate. However it shows that, as Unison feared, black and mixed race staff on the same pay level are still much less likely to receive bonuses than white colleagues.


Average estimated bonus allocation per employee by ethnicity

Management has repeatedly told Unison that they share our concerns about how inequitable bonus allocation has been. But in nearly 4 years there has been no meaningful change. So in Unison’s view it is time to give up on the bonus scheme as being fatally flawed.

We think management should scrap it and instead use the money to reduce the gap between the lowest paid and the highest by giving a flat pay rise to everyone earning under £40,000 per year.

Come and have your say about the scheme at our branch annual general meeting: Thursday 9 March at 3:30 PM in the Council chamber of the Old Town Hall.

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* This figure, as well as subsequent individual bonus allocation figures, is our estimate of the mean average amount of bonus money received by each individual member of the group. It is calculated from the estimated total amount of bonus money paid to a group, divided by the number of staff in the group. The total amount of bonus money paid is necessarily an estimate as we do not know people’s exact salary, but it will be an accurate estimate as we do know the £10k range the salary is in.

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