Appraisals and PRP: Consultation starts on a new scheme

PRP-imageCamden UNISON has consistently opposed performance related pay (PRP) and the associated five-point appraisal system since it was first proposed by senior management in 2011. So we are pleased to announce that there have been initial discussions with HR on developing a new, fairer scheme.

Last year, using the Council’s own data, Camden UNISON revealed that the current scheme overwhelmingly favoured already well-paid senior managers, and disadvantaged staff earning under £40,000 per year as well as part-time, disabled, black and minority ethnic staff and those aged over 45. And at this year’s branch AGM members unanimously condemned the current scheme as “institutionally racist” in its operation.

Our staff survey of both members and non-members showed confirmed it was also deeply unpopular, with 81% of respondents in favour of scrapping it, compared with only 8% in favour, of its retention. Some 87% felt unmotivated by the scheme.

For some time a number of managers have privately admitted that the scheme was not ‘fit for purpose’, so we are extremely pleased that HR have invited reps from UNISON and Camden Black Workers Group (CBWG) to discuss proposals for a more effective and fair scheme. At this stage, representatives are awaiting details of management’s proposals for how pay and appraisal might be linked in the future.

We will keep members updated and fully consulted about any developments through our newsletter and through this website.

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