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Performance related pay (year one): evidence of discrimination and big boosts for the highest paid

5As this year’s appraisals take place, Camden UNISON has discovered that last year the highest-paid senior managers were 33 times more likely to receive top performance ratings than the lowest paid. The resulting ‘bonuses’ are worth over £3,400 a year. Meanwhile, white workers were over four and a half times more likely than black workers to receive exceptional ratings. Continue reading

Say no to Performance Related Pay!

Performance related payInformation about our ongoing campaign against Performance Related Pay (PRP) in Camden Council which was introduced in 2012. Continue reading

Unpopular, demotivating and potentially discriminatory: results of our PRP survey

Chart_Q7_140121Here are the results of an extensive survey carried out by Camden UNISON last year on the introduction of performance related pay (PRP) in the council. Importantly, it shows that PRP is deeply unpopular, demotivating, and appears to substantially discriminate against those over 40, part-time workers, those earning under £40,000 per year, and could also discriminate against women, black and minority ethnic (BME) and disabled workers. Continue reading

Camden UNISON secures pay rises for workers on secondments on the new contracts

Camden Council workers on secondments who signed the new contracts did not receive any performance related pay (PRP) rises in June this year. After a challenge from Camden UNISON management eventually reversed their position and awarded the pay rises with backdating. Continue reading

Secondment pay issue for staff on new contracts

scissorsSome Unison members who are on secondments in higher-graded posts and who signed the new contracts noticed on 13 June that they seemed to have been underpaid: some by hundreds of pounds. However, upon raising this with HR, HR have stated it is not a mistake. Read on for a full explanation of the problem. Continue reading

Indicative ballot: Results reflect anger at new contract

The indicative ballot of members in scope of the Council’s new employment contracts has returned an overwhelming ‘yes’ in support of industrial action up to and including multi-day strikes. Overall, 732 members took part in the ballot between 5 and 22 April with 529 or 72.3% voting ‘yes’. The turnout of just under 40% was significantly higher than in recent UNISON ballots on industrial action. Continue reading

Pay modernisation: Vote YES for action to defend your pay and conditions!


At Camden UNISON’s AGM on 07 March over 150 members voted to launch an indicative ballot for industrial action, with the aim of getting the Council to either withdraw or improve the new contracts, dubbed ‘pay modernisation’.  Nobody voted against. The ballot will open shortly and will close on 22 April. Camden UNISON is asking all members, whether you have signed up to the new contracts or not, to vote YES for the following reasons… Continue reading

Packed AGM votes for ballot

More than 170 Camden UNISON members attended our branch AGM in the Town Hall on 7 March, which meant that the members present could take binding decisions. They listened to a passionate and eloquent speech from the young left-wing journalist and author Owen Jones. They also voted for a ballot to find out whether members wish to take action against the ‘new contracts’. Continue reading

Camden staff reject new contracts

pay modernisationCamden UNISON have completed our member survey, which shows that the vast majority of members believe the new contracts are worse than our current ones, and that the majority will not sign up. On a similar note, UNISON has uncovered strong anecdotal evidence that sign up so far in children, schools and families (CSF) has fallen well below management expectations, with only a quarter or fewer of staff signing up. Continue reading

Camden UNISON information on new terms and conditions

pay-modernisationCamden UNISON has lots of information here about the new terms and conditions dubbed “workforce modernisation” by management. Read on for full info and leaflets and posters to download and print. Continue reading