UNISON wins PRP pay increase and bonuses for member

cashCamden UNISON has won a performance related pay increase and bonus for a member who was appointed to a new role on 1 April, which HR originally stated would not be paid. The win then indirectly benefited two other members of staff in the same position.

When offered the new role, the member got confirmation in writing from HR that the PRP increase and bonus would be paid with local management agreement, then got agreement from local management before agreeing to take the role.

Despite this, and receiving a performance rating of 4 (high) HR initially stated they would not pay the PRP pay rise (of 2.5%) and bonus (of 1%) which went with a 4 rating as the member was previously on a secondment in an SP post.

However after extended discussions between the union and HR they eventually did agree to pay both the increase and the bonus.

We would advise members appointed to new roles on 1 April to seek clarification in advance of agreeing to take on the roles, especially those previously on secondments, on their entitlement to PRP pay increases, and to contact their union rep if you are not satisfied with the outcome.

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