The Windrush generation and a hostile environment

Information and advice for members in Camden negatively affected by the government’s “hostile environment” policy.

The ‘Windrush Generation’ has exposed the Government’s attitude to a whole generation of workers they invited to Britain to help rebuild a war-ravaged country: they don’t care who gets caught up in their drive to make the UK a ’hostile environment’ for migrants. Apologies from the Prime Minister, the person responsible for introducing the policy, will ring hollow to those that wait in limbo for their immigration status confirmation.

UNISON has supported individuals and has achieved positive outcomes, and we will continue to support any member in this situation. UNISON has access to specialist legal advice from the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants. These are the solicitors supporting many of the cases that have appeared in the news.

We will also be approaching the Council to demand that:
· There should be no dismissal of any member of staff that could fall under this category (whether or not they are from the Caribbean as this applies to anyone who came from the Commonwealth),
· They allow any member of staff the time to get support from their trade union to advise and get whatever documents they need to retain their right to residency in the UK,
· The Council seeks urgent discussions for the Home Office to agree to waiver the huge fines that employers face for employing any person who is in this category but doesn’t have documents yet to confirm their right to residency as this is a mess of the Government’s making.

If you are worried about your immigration status you should contact your local rep or convenor. All advice will be confidential and members will have access to advice and support.

Hugo Pierre

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