Camden Staff Young Workers Event.

 Are you aged between 18 – 27?

 Do you want to know your rights within the work place?

If you’ve answered ‘Yes’ to the above questions then come along. There will be representatives from Camden UNISON and Camden Black Workers Group there to answer your questions.


Food and drink will be provided in a relaxed atmosphere.

12:30pm-2pm, Thursday 23rd January

Room 10.12 Kingsgate, 5PS

This meeting is jointly hosted by Camden UNISON and Camden Black Workers Group. Please could you confirm your attendance by emailing Jahnelle Hutton-Parr OR Shenae  Lawrence or feel free to call them.



Friday 13 December 2019 was a bad day for anyone who wanted to see an end to Tory austerity – we are now faced with Boris Johnson having a large majority in parliament and even the first Queen’s speech outlined the planned attacks on the right to strike, going back on a promise to increase the Living Wage and worsening immigration rules. So as trade unionists we face a challenge. This meeting is a chance to discuss how that result came about, and what we can do to resist these attacks.

mr 45

1pm-2pm, Thursday 16 January

Room 11.12 Kingsgate, 5PS


Branch Elections Nominations open Monday 13 January

Each year, we elect our UNISON stewards and Branch Officers, and the election period opens on Monday. As well as encouraging those of you who have already been a steward or officer over the last year to stand again, this is a really good opportunity for anyone else to get involved/stand in the elections. A separate email with details of how to do this and nomination forms will go out this week, so please keep an eye out for it and seriously consider getting more active in your union branch.  Continue reading

2020 will be the year we must also start to organise against Johnson’s government.

The results of the General Election will be a shock and disappointing for many of us. Although UNISON members will have voted for different parties, as the Branch Secretary of a public sector trade union, certainly I was hoping to see a different result.
Over the next few days and weeks I’m sure we will have lots of discussions about how this result came about, but Camden UNISON has a proud history of resisting austerity and standing up against racism and other discrimination. There are members in the branch who helped organise opposition to Thatcher’s government in the 1980s, and whilst we’re having those discussions about this vote, 2020 will be the year we must also start to organise against Johnson’s government.
If you want to find out how you can get involved just get in touch by emailing as there’s going to be lots for us to do!
In solidarity,

Liz Wheatley

Pension Committee deputation 26/11/19



Camden Council has declared a Climate Emergency – we believe that part of taking action around this includes the Council reducing its carbon footprint, and divesting the pension fund from fossil fuel investments is one way to do this.

As a trade union of course we want a decent pension for our members, and for working class people in general, but we also want a world where we can enjoy our retirement and to know we are leaving a sustainable world for future generations.

UNISON believes that modern fiduciary duty requires that pension fund investments are made in the interests of scheme members, that the financial obligation is not to maximize returns but to ensure there is enough resources to meet the pension benefit obligation. Therefore these financial regulations do not justify investment in the fossil fuel industry, nor slowing moves to decarbonise the fund. Continue reading

Justice4Grenfell – Silent March Thurs 14 Nov, 7pm, Notting Hill Methodist Church


MEMORIAL164_2[1]There is a monthly Justice4Grenfell Silent March this Thursday. Camden UNISON have been on quite a lot of these in the last two and a half years. However, after the release of the first part of the inquiry report it seems very important that we go this month. The attack on firefighters who risked their lives has been a disgrace, and the comments of Jacob Rees-Mogg (saying he would have ignored the fire brigade advice and left the building, implying he is cleverer than Grenfell residents) an insult to all of those in the tower. Therefore we’re joining the march with the Camden UNISON banner. We’re leaving the branch office in the Crowndale Centre by 6pm if you want to travel with us, otherwise look for the banner at 7pm at Notting Hill Methodist Church, 240 Lancaster Rd W11 4AH.

Rydon – Hands Off Whittington Hospital!


Some of you may remember that the contractor responsible for the cladding work at Grenfell was Rydon. They were being awarded a contract to refurbish the Whittington Hospital. However, following Grenfell, there was a campaign against them doing this work, and the hospital withdrew the contract offer. However, Rydon have decided to challenge this in court, and the case starts in the Royal Courts of Justice in The Strand on Monday 9 Dec. There is a protest at 9am on the first morning if you can make it along there.

There’s an election coming up!

We seem to be having quite a few General Elections in recent years, which in itself suggests there are a few problems in government! As a trade union, we realise our members may vote for a variety of parties, but we would recommend firstly that you make sure you’re registered to vote (a link to register by 26 Nov is below) and secondly that you think about both funding of public services, and the voting record of the main party leaders. On our website we will be posting a quick guide to this, as well as the register to vote link from the national UNISON website

Donald Trump Visiting! Tues 3 Dec, assemble 4pm in Trafalgar Square



RTX6B1UD1-e1531476107577[1]Donald Trump is coming to London in December for the NATO Heads of State summit. On Tuesday 3rd December, the Queen will be hosting a reception for NATO leaders at Buckingham Palace and it’s important we raise our voices against the world’s largest nuclear-armed military alliance which is overseen by one of the most reckless US Presidents in history. Donald Trump is a racist, a misogynist and a climate change denier who threatens communities at home while destabilising the rest of the globe so it’s worth turning up to show him he’s not welcome!


Party Leaders voting record