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Camden Unison Retired Members AGM Report

We held our Annual General meeting was on 4 March 2020 .The Secretary, Chair and Committee Members for 2020/21 were elected and matters arising from the Annual Report were discussed. A date was agreed for the next committee meeting, but this had to be cancelled due to the Corona Virus pandemic. At the end of the meeting one of the delegates read a paper she had written about women’s contribution to the development of the Trade Union movement.

Some Retired Members also attended the Branch AGM, which took place later on the same day.

If you want to get involved in Camden UNISON Retired Members group, please email

Paula, RM Secretary


Pension Committee deputation 26/11/19



Camden Council has declared a Climate Emergency – we believe that part of taking action around this includes the Council reducing its carbon footprint, and divesting the pension fund from fossil fuel investments is one way to do this.

As a trade union of course we want a decent pension for our members, and for working class people in general, but we also want a world where we can enjoy our retirement and to know we are leaving a sustainable world for future generations.

UNISON believes that modern fiduciary duty requires that pension fund investments are made in the interests of scheme members, that the financial obligation is not to maximize returns but to ensure there is enough resources to meet the pension benefit obligation. Therefore these financial regulations do not justify investment in the fossil fuel industry, nor slowing moves to decarbonise the fund. Continue reading

Retired members

When you retire you can continue your membership of UNISON. Continue reading