Camden NSL workers on strike for fair pay

Camden UNISON members working for private company NSL as traffic wardens have been taking 5 days of strike action this week as part of their fight for decent pay.
They are asking for £11.15 an hour, an amount that Camden UNISON believes is very reasonable particularly when the top director at NSL gets over £320 an hour. NSL and Camden Council both make millions out of the work that our members do, so it’s only fair that they get paid properly. Every day there has been large picket lines at each of the workplaces, and mass meetings have taken place to discuss and decide what other activities to do. The strike has been really solid.
On Tuesday, Camden UNISON went to ACAS for talks with NSL but no agreement was reached – NSL would not make a further offer, saying that wages were decided by Camden Council not them. The last day of the current round of strike action is Friday 5 Oct, but we have requested for more action in order to win this dispute. For updates about the dispute contact

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