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CELEBRATE WITH CAMDEN UNISON! Friday 8 November – 6pm onwards, The Chapel Bar, 29 Penton Street N1 9PX

Earlier this year our traffic warden members took 33 days strike action and won a brilliant pay rise. They were supported by our branch and other individuals/branches, and we want to thank you.

And after decades of activity in Camden UNISON, Barry Walden, John Mann and Mandy Berger are leaving so join us in thanking them for building a campaigning UNISON branch that stands up for our members!

We have DJs, food and of course a few speeches.

Friday 8th November 2019 6pm-late

The Chapel Bar

29 Penton Street N1 9PX

Then and now – 30 years apart, Camden UNISON members on strike fighting for their rights!

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Party Flyer


Celebrating Black History Month


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Camden Black Worker Group (CBWG) short report on its annual general meeting (AGM) held on Thursday 19 September 2019


Camden Black Worker Group (CBWG) – The Group for all Camden Black and Ethnic Minority staff – Unifying workers across all unions held its annual general meeting (AGM) on Thursday 19 September 2019.

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Interview with Camden Unison Equalities Officer Adejare Oyewole on the day of action on climate change


  1. How important do you feel environmental degrade is and why?

I feel that our political leaders are not taking the threat of environmental degradation seriously simply because it doesn’t fit in with their agenda. Politicians come and go but the fact is the degrading of the environment will not stop unless something is done about it. It is important to take action to reduce our carbon emission because if we don’t. the young ones will suffer the consequences of our inaction. One of the slogans at the Friday climate emergency rally was “System change not climate change”. We can change our attitude to the climate by changing the government to those who care about the climate, the future of our planet and the young ones that will live after us. “ No soil, no life” was another poignant message of the day.

2. What unite workers to the victims of the Atlanta’s floods or the indigenous people of the Amazon?

Global warming and environmental degradation is causing people to move in large numbers. Millions of people have been forced to migrate from their homes and leave their countries for a safer environment. Trade unions are for social justice and preservation of human rights including the right to adequate shelter. For this reason, workers will continue to identify with the victims and do whatever possible to push the climate emergency to the top of the agenda.

3. Is global warming an inevitable epilogue or leading world economies governments and global business multinationals bear a responsibility for what is happening to our earth?

4. How does the unbridled exploitation of world resources pair up with unregulated workers exploitation in both the advanced and the third world?

5. Who’s responsibility is to organize and mobilize against the dual exploitation of workers and earth resource?

All of the above questions are inter linked. Government groups like the G7 and other big players in the world economy including multinationals don’t care about what is happening on the earth, all they care about is about making profit. They are polluting our climate, causing untold damage to the earth, so they are responsible for the climate emergency. They continue to exploit world resources while attempting to silence environmentalists, and scientist are being called liars for campaigning against their attitude to climate change.

 All activists who care about our earth, the future of our children and fairness, equality and social justice for all should join in collective action in mobilising, organising to shame governments and multinationals who are exploiting workers and earth resources.


“Today we’re making history” – Climate emergency rally outside 5PS on 20 September

Following on from the Thursday’s atrium briefing at 5PS, where Camden UNISON Branch Secretary Liz Wheatley joined Camden Council leader Georgia Gould addressing the challenges that the climate emergency raises, hundreds of Unison members joined Friday’s day of action, filling the main area of Pancras Square.

The day was characterised by the awareness that impending climate disasters responsibility lies at the door of the irresponsible strategy of the world governments. This strategy is dictated by the interests of carbon lobbies and multinational corporations who can no longer deny the damage that their exploitation is causing to the environment.

climate student protest photo 3

Over the last year, students have been walking out of school to highlight the climate emergency, and in advance of Greta Thunberg’s address to the UN, they asked us to join them. In response to that call, Camden UNISON called on members to rally at lunchtime outside 5PS and, for those who could, to join the students in Parliament Square. Council staff were met by NUJ members from the Guardian and other local workers, and a group of primary school students with placards they’d made.

Speakers from Camden UNISON, the NUJ at the Guardian, the UCU (college workers’ union) at UAL in Granary Square, Extinction Rebellion and from the political parties in Camden addressed the rally before a group of UNISON members left to meet the student strikers and march in Whitehall to chants of “No coal, no oil, keep your carbon in the soil” and “system change not climate change”.

climate student protest photo 1

Friday was a real success, involving members who had never been on a rally or march before, and it was great to be part of a massive global movement where it’s estimated about 4 million people took to the streets. But it’s only the beginning of what we must do. We will keep members updated but put 7 October (when Camden UNISON will be presenting a deputation at the Council meeting) and 12 October (when Extinction Rebellion have asked for trade unions to join their protests) in your diary now.

Camden Black Workers Group AGM Thursday 19th September 2019 5PS at 3pm in room 11 level 11. The CBWG invites to its AGM to celebrate another year of achievements and activities.

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Climate Rally outside 5PS at 12.30 and Student Strike in Parliament Sq at 2pm on Friday 20 September 2019

Greta Thunberg, the school student from Sweden who has sparked a global movement against climate change, has called on us to support the protests on Friday 20 September. Around the world, millions of students will be marching. They have already taken climate change to the top of the political agenda and now they want us to join them to send a clear message that action is needed now. Continue reading

Branch officers meeting minutes October 2018

Summary minutes of the Camden Unison branch officers meeting held on Tuesday 2 October 2018. Continue reading

Branch committee meeting minutes September 2018

Summary minutes from the Camden Unison branch committee meeting of 17 September 2018. Continue reading

Term time only pay calculator

For schools workers, Camden UNISON has produced a term time only pay calculator, to check you are being paid correctly. Continue reading