UNISON response to HR’s ‘Letter to all staff – Industrial Action’

UNISON response to the letter sent to all Camden staff about the industrial action, particularly addressing concerns related to continuity of service and pension entitlements.

Some members have expressed concern at a letter forwarded from HR concerning the strike in defence of our pensions and in particular regarding the issue of the implications of striking for continuity of service. Members should know that any industrial action, albeit entirely lawful such as the 30 November strike, is considered a breach of the employment contract and so one day’s pay can be docked for this. BUT this does not have any effect on your accrued employment rights in connection with entitlements to annual leave, occupational sick pay or entitlement to compensation for redundancy.

There is no break in continuity of service, though the strike day will not count towards your total number of days continuously employed. The implications for your pension are very small – as 1 day’s service would normally only amount to about £1 or £2 or so of pension entitlement.

George Binette
Camden UNISON Branch Secretary

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