Climate Rally outside 5PS at 12.30 and Student Strike in Parliament Sq at 2pm on Friday 20 September 2019

Greta Thunberg, the school student from Sweden who has sparked a global movement against climate change, has called on us to support the protests on Friday 20 September. Around the world, millions of students will be marching. They have already taken climate change to the top of the political agenda and now they want us to join them to send a clear message that action is needed now.

student climate protest

Climate Emergency

The situation is urgent – the Earth’s temperature has already risen by more than 1 degree since pre-industrial levels and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned last year this increase has to be kept below 1.5 degrees. To do this means a massive reduction in carbon emissions.

We have just seen unprecedented fires in the Amazon, an area that provides a fifth of the world’s oxygen and is the largest natural carbon storage system after the oceans, helping to prevent warming of the planet. But Brazil’s president, Jair Bolsonaro, has said he wants to expand mining and industrial farming in the area, both major causes of deforestation.

The impact of the climate emergency is forcing people to flee their homes. This July was the hottest ever recorded on earth. In 2016, over 24 million people were displaced by disasters, the majority of them climate-related. This will only get worse unless we combat climate change.

World leaders met at the G7 summit in August and one of the discussions was on climate change. But Donald Trump did not even attend the session. In 2017 he pulled out of the Paris accord on climate change. We can’t afford to leave the future of our planet up to him.

We Can Make A Difference

But it’s never too late to try to change things. If one school student in Sweden can spark global student strikes for climate justice, think what we can all do together. Earlier this year, thousands of protesters occupied parts of central London and took climate change to the top of the news agenda. Councils are declaring a climate emergency. Trade union members like us can have an impact locally and globally.

September 20 Day Of Action

Camden Council has declared a climate emergency and is the first Council in the country to hold citizen’s assemblies on climate change. Camden UNISON has been meeting with the Council and it has been agreed to hold a rally outside 5PS on 20 September at 12.30pm.

If you would then like to come with Camden UNISON to join the school student protest in Parliament Square you must contact Camden UNISON in advance on 020 7974 1633 or email

It’s time to join the fight for our future

12.30pm onwards, Friday 20 September

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