Branch officers meeting minutes 3 July 2018

Summary of the minutes of our branch officers meeting from July.

Items discussed were:
– NSL: members voted 92% in favour of industrial action on an 85% turnout in our indicative ballot. Now liaising with the region to get a timetable for an official ballot.
– Croma sackings: 13 cases have been lodged with ACAS
– New contract buyout: updated advice for members agreed (now on the website), report back from meeting with councillors, where Labour Council did not rule out dismissal and re-engagement
– Wigan and Kirklees strikes: chair’s action to donate £100 to those strikers noted
– Branch committee: upcoming meeting discussed, convenors will be asked to report on recruitment plans
– Corporate health and safety: concern expressed that the corporate health and safety JCC (joint meeting between union and management) did not have a seat for the equalities officer. Commented that as the union had vacancies on the committee, the equalities officer could attend if desired.
– AOB: statement from Stand up to Racism about Trump and Tommy Robinson is going to the press. Councillors have been invited to sign.

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