Rally against the pay cap 17 October

Hardworking public servants are up to £3000 a year worse off than they were in 2010, due to the government’s cap on public sector pay rises. Demonstrate against the freeze Tuesday 17 October at 4:30 PM at Parliament Square.

The government’s policy on public sector pay is making it harder to recruit new talent and retain experienced workers across the public sector. This policy is harming public sector workers, its harming all those who rely on them, and its harming the economy. TUC research shows that public sector pay policies have drained billions of pounds out of the economy through lost spending power.

As inflation starts to bite, public sector workers will see the real value of their wages fall further. Already nurses are struggling to afford basic necessities and some have been forced to turn to food banks. This situation is unsustainable; it must change.

The Chancellor must commit to lifting public sector pay. Not just for some workers, cherry-picked to provide a good headline, but for all workers, across the sector – from nurses to firefighters, social workers to teachers and everyone in-between.

We need the government to act fast to give all public sector workers the pay rise they deserve. They must:

  • Scrap the artificial restrictions on public sector pay
  • Make sure no public service workers are paid less than the real living wage
  • Find new money to fund a fair pay rise – don’t add pressure to already overstretched public services
  • Let employers, unions and pay review bodies work out the right pay deal for each sector
  • Recognise the loss of pay over the last seven years

On Monday 17 October we’re holding a rally in Parliament square to demand an end to this damaging and self-defeating policy. The TUC is joining with our affiliates and thousands of supporters to tell the government that we have had enough. Public sector workers deserve fair pay, and the country can’t afford not to give it to them. We want you to join us.

We’re going to hear from workers affected by the government’s policy, as well as from union leaders and others who are leading the fightback.

We want you to come to parliament square to join us, and make your voice heard.

If you can’t attend the rally in person, tell your friends and family to get the word out. There are also events happening around the country.

Britain still needs a pay rise: Rally for fair pay for public servants
Parliament Square SW1P 3JX London

United Kingdom

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