Save Camden youth services!

save-Camden-youth-croppedHomepage for the campaign to save Camden youth services from £1.6 million in funding cuts by Camden’s Labour council.

What is happening?

The council has approved a widespread cuts package, including massive £1.6 million cuts to youth services which already suffered  £2.3  million of cuts in 2012. This will leave the service over 60% worse off in real terms than in 2011. We believe this will have a significant detrimental impact on young people in Camden as opportunities and positive activities will be slashed.

Here are the headline changes:

  • £1.6 million in funding cuts
  • 64% cut in universal youth service provision
  • closure of two youth centres
  • closure of the COOL project funding activities for low income young people
  • closure of the Under 25’s Advice Centre
  • 70% budget cut to Connexions careers and jobs support for young people
  • further cuts to the youth offending service
  • 25 to 30 full-time equivalent jobs lost

What can you do about it?

Camden UNISON has launched a campaign against the cuts: Save Camden Youth Services. Here is how you can support the campaign:

Find out more

More information is available about the campaign in the following video and links below:

3 responses to “Save Camden youth services!

  1. Cut overpaid Directors and Assistant Directors of Education who all earn in excess of 100k and then use the money to protect front line services including youth.
    Easy if you have the political will to rid the system of overpaid bureaucrats but unlikely to happen in Camden

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  3. Update: this campaign was partially successful in that we were successful in getting the Council to halve the proposed cuts to youth service opening hours, reduce the number of job cuts and reinstate some additional funding until 2018

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