What has the union ever done for us?

What have the Romans ever done for us?

What have the Romans ever done for us?

Here is a short list of just some of the things achieved by Camden UNISON in the past couple of years.

  • Won the 2014-16 2.2% NJC pay award for all eligible workers, including those on new contracts
  • Got all new jobs to be advertised internally before going out to advert
  • Won pay increases of up to over £4000 per year plus backdating worth up to over £6500 for around 30 family support workers
  • Won pay increases of nearly 40% for hundreds of outsourced school meals workers, up to a minimum of the London living wage
  • Won PRP pay increases and bonuses for some members who had been denied them by HR
  • Prevented the sacking of around 60 school workers who were due to be dismissed due to issues related to their qualifications
  • Won pay rises of up to £2100 a year, plus backdating of up to £2400 for around 30 children’s social workers
  • Won qualification payments of £1500 per worker for over 100 school support staff for getting level 2 qualifications in maths and English
  • Secured up to a year’s sick pay for an outsourced cleaner battling cancer
  • Ensured craftworkers received a backdated pay award which they had not received
  • Got back pay for Contact Camden out of hours workers who didn’t receive Easter enhancements
  • Won pay increases for hundreds of school support staff, with backpay averaging £800 per worker and future increases of up to nearly £2000
  • Won regrading for children’s centre administrators, increasing their pay grade up to nearly £2800 per year
  • Stopped a damaging reorganisation to mental health services
  • Won PRP pay increases for members in ICT during a restructure who were being denied them
  • Won a pay increase plus £5000 backpay for an agency worker who was being paid less than permanent colleagues
  • Won £11,000 backpay for a children’s social worker who was not permitted to return to work for some time following illness
  • Got a bike pump installed for staff use at the Crowndale centre
  • Got Camden to sign up to the ethical care charter, with the living wage plus paid travelling time for home carers
  • Got big improvements to agile working arrangements including getting laptop risers, keyboards, backpacks, wheeled suitcases, bigger laptop option and 60% of desks at 5PS having external monitors
  • Won reinstatement for unfairly sacked caretaker
  • Stopped compulsory redundancies and pay cuts of nearly £5000 a year each for youth offending service workers
  • Got prices in the 5PS cafe cut, with further discounts for staff members
  • Successfully defended a social worker disciplined for coming to work outside of standard hours to support the family of a child who died
  • Won a pay increase to above the living wage for outsourced traffic wardens
  • Stopped the introduction of a 37 hour working week
  • Won thousands of pounds compensation for dozens of casual/zero hour contract workers who weren’t receiving holiday pay, as well as dozens of contracted workers doing additional hours
  • Helped prevent dozens of members from having to reinterview for their own jobs in restructures
  • Helped prevent many compulsory redundancies during the cuts programmeWon PRP pay increases and bonuses for over 100 workers on secondments
  • Won  pay increases of hundreds of pounds per year for family support workers  TUPE  transferred into Camden
  • Achieved concessions with the new contracts, like pay increases of £250 each for those earning under £21,000, and winning NJC pay awards for all workers regardless of performance rating…

These are just a few of the things we have achieved in the past couple of years. For more, see the success section of our website camdenunison.org.uk/tag/success

And that’s not counting the hundreds of individual representation cases we do, and national campaigns.

The more members we have and the more active and involved members are, the more we can achieve. So if you’re not in UNISON, join today on our website or using the form  here. And if you are, why not become a rep or get more involved in UNISON activities?

To keep up-to-date, to join and to get involved, talk to your local rep or convenor and regularly check out our website: camdenunison.org.uk

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