Reminder to vote in Unison’s National Executive elections

This is a reminder to vote in the Unison NEC elections by the deadline of 24th May.

Most members will be entitled to vote for NEC representatives from the Local Government Service Group. For your information our branch committee has nominated the following candidates:

  • Phoebe Watkins (Camden branch)
  • Sonya Howard (Kensington & Chelsea branch)
  • Paul Holmes (Kirklees branch), and
  • Glenn Kelly (Bromley branch).

In addition, all members of the branch should receive ballot papers for the London regional seats on the NEC. Our branch committee has nominated the following candidates:

  • Helen Davies (Barnet branch)
  • Jon Rogers (Lambeth branch)
  • Gundula Seidel (Havering branch), and
  • Marshajane Thompson (Havering branch).

All members, regardless of their ethnic origin, are also entitled to vote for the reserved seats for Black Members. For the Black Members’ seats our branch committee has nominated:

  • Hugo Pierre (Camden branch), and
  • April Ashley (Southwark branch).

For the Young Members’ seat, which only members aged under 27 can vote for, the branch committee nominated Greta Holmes (Wakefield branch).

Last but not least, a small proportion of branch members – those who are working in voluntary sector organisations – will be entitled to vote for NEC seats representing the recently formed Community Service Group. The branch committee has nominated: Janet Bryan and Kieran Grogan (Bolton branch).

It is important that members make use of their right to vote as one way of giving greater legitimacy to our union in dealing with the Government and our own local employers.

Ballot papers should have gone out by post, to members’ home addresses, from Monday 22 April. If you have not received a balllot paper by the following Monday 29 April then please contact UNISONdirect on 0845 355 0845. Ballot papers must be returned no later than Friday morning 24 May. Please be aware that the branch office plays no part in administering these elections, which are overseen by Electoral Reform Services. Branch staff cannot issue ballot papers. If, however, you have changed home address and not informed the branch office, please do so that your records can be amended.

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