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Branch meeting votes to defend pensions

A packed special Camden UNISON branch meeting on 3 October overwhelming backed a motion moved by branch secretary, George Binette, to defend the local government pension scheme and strike with more than two dozen other unions on 30th November. Continue reading

UNISON to ballot for industrial action against pension cuts

UNISON’s general secretary Dave Prentis announced at the TUC that the union will ballot its 1.1 million members at 9000 different employers who will be affected by the pension cuts for strike with up to one million additional public sector workers in different unions on 30 November. Continue reading

E-petition against the move to CPI rather than RPI increases for pensions

You can visit this link to sign a petition against the proposed change which will significantly cut our pensions.

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Company bosses can expect to get £175,000 pensions – while denying their staff any pensions at all

National Unison’s website has a press release pointing out that FTSE-100 companies’ executive directors can expect to get average pensions of around £175,000 a year. Continue reading

Sticking together on pensions

Protesters marching against cuts in pensions

The government has launched an ideological attack on public sector pensions. It aims to increase contributions, end final salary schemes, increase the retirement age and abolish the Fair Deal on Pensions which ensures staff whose work is privatised retain their existing pension entitlements or have a comparable scheme. Pensions are already being updated by the lower consumer price index. Continue reading

After 30 June: the recipe for a hot autumn

On Saturday 26 March, 500,000 trade unionists marched through the streets of central London on a demonstration called by the TUC. Continue reading

It’s corporate directors’ pensions that society can’t afford

It’s wrong to blame public sector workers. Millions have seen their benefits decline. In pressing for an end to current public sector pension schemes, the CBI’s director general, John Cridland, writes: “Pension reforms will also help the prime minister’s ‘big society’ programme to really get off the ground. Public sector pensions remain the biggest barrier to the private and third sectors providing public services” (End this block over pensions, 10 March).

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Camden Eye pensions special, June 2011

Download our special edition of Camden Eye on the government attack on public sector pensions and pay, in the run-up to the June 30 strike of teachers, civil servants and lecturers.

Download PDF (500 kB)

Motion on Pensions Dispute Passed on 3 October

Full text of the motion on pensions overwhelmingly carried at extraordinary branch meeting with two abstentions and no votes against. Continue reading

Retired members

When you retire you can continue your membership of UNISON. Continue reading