Branch committee meeting minutes September 2018

Summary minutes from the Camden Unison branch committee meeting of 17 September 2018.

Issues discussed were:
– Recruitment update
– Treasurer’s report
– Corporate meetings: where Unison discussed with management NSL, the new contract buyout, Croma sackings, management proposals to reduce the duration of payment protection from 5 years down to 2, and the employee survey
– New contract buyout: update from our meeting with members on 12 September, and discussions with members in libraries. Issues for members in EDT and Careline were discussed, as were the proposed pay cuts for social workers. Agreed to send deputation to the next council meeting to raise issues for lower paid workers.

– Supporting communities: recruitment and the Development restructure were discussed
– Supporting people: recruitment and the early years, adoption, Edith Neville school and S75 restructure the error were discussed

Private sector
– NSL: upcoming strike delayed due to new anti-strike legislation
– Croma: Croma tribunal’s will be in October
– John Mann the branch organiser will be stepping down at the end of March 2019 when his contract ends

Self organised groups
– Camden Black Workers Group AGM is on 27 September 2018 at 5PS
– CBWG black event is on Friday 19 October in the Council chamber
– We want to put together a delegation to send to the Unison LGBT conference 16-18 November

– Health and safety: European health and safety week event will take place at ground out
– Labour link: Mark and Ruth’s names have been sent to region to be on the Holborn and St Pancras Labour Party GC
– Agreed to spend up to £1000 on the Camden Black History Month event as in previous years
– Motion in favour of decriminalisation of abortion in the UK agreed
– Motion opposing Islamophobia agreed
– Motion agreeing up to £150 funding to research NSL and Croma contractors agreed
– Emergency motion in support of the NSL strike agreed

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