Branch committee meeting minutes 11 June 2018

Summary of minutes from the Camden Unison branch committee meeting on 11 June 2018.

Here are items which were discussed:
– Recruitment
– Meeting with chief exec/HR/council leader
At this meeting we discussed Windrush, and although management are not aware of any other individuals affected, they have said they will not be dismissing any employees (unlike a previous case)
We also discussed York Way and NSL issues, our lunchtime meeting on a woman’s right to choose, Unison’s right to publicise meetings and concerns about lack of successful redeployment.
– New Contract Buyout
Detailed update and discussion held about the buyout and impact on members, especially the lower paid.
– Corporate Joint Consultative Committee (regular joint meeting to in the union and senior management)
Management want to end the right for people who have been dismissed to appeal to councillors, claiming that it takes to long. Unison disagreed with this, and instead proposed that we hold meetings after working hours. Unison reps are happy to attend after work.
Also discussed were the future of JCC meetings, delays and grievances, redeployment issues, Windrush and the monitoring of outsourced contracts.
– Corporate Services
We discussed issues in business support and the 5PS reception area safety concerns
– Supporting Communities
We discussed issues in regulatory services
– Supporting People
Discussed 2 disputes in Camden School for Girls and Edith Neville school, as well as issues in York Way
– Private/3rd sector
Discussed NSL pay dispute where members voted to strike, and Croma dismissals, where Employment Tribunal dates have now been set.
– Self Organised Groups
Camden Black Workers Group is meeting with councillors and the Unison branch secretary to discuss equality issues, and CBWG are also holding a public meeting about Windrush.
LGBT: discussed an individual case
– Health and Safety
Discussed issues in 5PS
– Motions
We unanimously agreed a motion to Unison conference supporting decriminalisation of abortion in the whole of the UK including Northern Ireland
We unanimously agreed a motion for conference to support the Stop Trump demonstrations in July
We unanimously agreed a motion to donate £200 to the strike fund of Tower Hamlets housing workers
We agreed a motion regarding the new contract buyout seeking an urgent meeting with councillors on the threat to dismiss and re-engage, and committing to launch an indicative ballot for industrial action in the event of any threat to dismiss and re-engage members (vote was not unanimous due to some issues around wording of some areas)
We unanimously agreed a motion supporting an anti-austerity meeting at Unison conference
Grenfell silent march on 14 June announced
We agreed advertising with the Camden New Journal special edition on Windrush

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