May branch officers’ meeting minutes

Summary of the minutes of the branch officers meeting on 1 May 2018.

Private sector
– all the dismissal appeals we submitted for Croma workers have been rejected. So we have submitted paperwork to ACAS. Relevant paperwork to be submitted to the London region of Unison within timescales.
– An indicative ballot of members on the NSL contract has been completed, with a high number of members rejecting the pay offer and voting in favour of industrial action.
– Hackney Civil Enforcement Officers are going on strike this month, so the branch organiser and some NSL members will attend in support.
– Industrial action paperwork will be submitted to the region.

Branch activities
– The Gary Younge meeting was a success, with about 150 people attending the meeting.
– Lunchtime meeting has been organised on Abortion: a woman’s right to choose
– 5PS member health and safety survey has been having a good response. Noted that senior management were not happy that the survey had been undertaken. Survey to be further promoted by floor walking and stalls.

Corporate meetings
– Update about the discussions on the new contract buyout. Following pressure from Unison, management have now agreed that people on the new contracts will be able to carry over up to 5 days of annual leave into the new year at the discretion of local management like people on the old contracts.
– Updates about the corporate health and safety joint consultative committee, corporate joint consultative committee and meeting on the joint consultative committee constitution discussed.

– We have arranged a meeting with top management regarding York Way management, after several antiunion emails were sent by managers.
– Updates on upcoming events and the Windrush scandal discussed.


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