UNISON members reject 1% pay offer

Members across local government branches in England, Wales and the union’s Northern Ireland region, who are covered by the National Joint Council pay framework, have voted overwhelmingly (64% to 35%) to reject the employers’ pay offer. Members in Camden rejected the offer by 82% to 18%.

For most of us the offer amounts to still another real pay cut, especially in the light of the 1.4% rise in National Insurance contributions that many will face from 06 April.

UNISON’s National Joint Council committee met on Tuesday (23 February) and has agreed to request an official strike ballot. Unite members in local government, while the GMB is still in the process of consulting its membership. More information should be available at the branch’s Annual General Meeting.

4 responses to “UNISON members reject 1% pay offer

  1. Would it be possible to know the numbers who votes Yes / No and the percentage of the membership who voted?

    • Hi, nationally we don’t have the figures (although of course they will be published for an official ballot). Locally 331 voted to reject the offer and 62 accepted

      • And what percentage of the Camden unison membership was the 400 odf who voted?

  2. That’s about 24% of those sent a consultative ballot. A majority of members were sent a consultative ballot but we do not have adequate contact details too have done so for everyone. However all members will receive an official ballot to home addresses.

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