Camden UNISON wins annual leave backpay for another casual worker

catCamden UNISON has won a four-figure settlement for a casual  worker member in the integrated youth support service.

The worker, like many other casual and zero hour contract workers across the council, was not receiving holiday pay, to which all workers are legally entitled and received a backpay settlement in the low four figures.

Previously, Camden UNISON has won annual leave backpay for dozens of play workers worth up to over £4000 each, as well as another casual worker in the integrated youth support service.

We continue to work with senior management to address the issue of casual work and annual leave payment across the council, and encourage all casual and zero contract our workers to join Camden UNISON and get what you are entitled to.

If you are a casual zero hour contract worker, speak to John Shepherd (x 3972/John.Shepherd at for more information.

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