Camden UNISON wins further pay rises for social workers

cashCamden UNISON has won pay rises worth around £800 a year, with backdating worth up to around £2400, for at least 12 children’s social workers.

The CSF UNISON convenor for FSSW saw an email from an HR officer in 2013 stating that a pay arrangement for social workers, where they would receive a one increment payrise upon completion of the PQ qualification, had changed and been replaced with a one-off £1000 payment.

We raised this with management and HR at the CSF Joint Consultative Committee (JCC – regular meeting between the union and senior management), as staff and the union had not been consulted on this change.

We were told that UNISON had agreed to the change. However when challenged on this, management could not produce evidence of our agreement, so they agreed to retrospectively implement the incremental rise to social workers who only received the one-off payment.

This is on top of pay rises of £700-£2100 which Camden achieved for 16 social workers last year.

HR have informed us they are in touch with 12 social work staff to process the payments. However, if you have completed the PQ qualification since 2011 and you did not receive an incremental increase, and HR have not got in touch with you about back payments please let John Shepherd (on outlook, extension 3972) know so we can chase it up.

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