Which team will be where in 5 Pancras Square?

The latest plans from management for which team will be based on which floor in 5 Pancras Square are here. 

These areas are the “home areas” for each team, but because there are more staff than this who will be based in the building, not all staff will be able to sit in their team’s home area every day. In these proposed arrangements for allocating the available space, there is much that seems purely arbitrary and, crucially, there has been no discussion with the staff affected or with Unison as the main collective voice of the workforce

There are 1524 desks enumerated in the plan, but there will be many more staff than that based in 5 Pancras Square.

Furthermore, Unison is concerned that only 60% of desks will have monitors, despite the fact that many staff need to use computer monitors to avoid eye strain and get a clear view of plans, diagrams and databases as part of their work.

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