Union guidance on annual leave and carryover

We wish…We have had numerous queries from members about annual leave, the change in annual leave year for those new contracts, and carryover of annual leave. This post explains the entitlements for directly-employed workers.

Importantly, for those workers who did not sign up to the new contracts there is no change to your annual leave.

Workers who did sign up to the new contracts have moved to an annual leave year beginning 1 September each year. However in this first year, HR are considering this a “transitional year”, so the ban on carrying over any unused annual leave from one year to the next will only be fully enforced from 1 September 2014. This year you can still carry some days’ leave into next year, at your local managers’ discretion.

This advice was clarified to UNISON by e-mail from HR direct who stated:

The annual leave year is being harmonised to 01st September 2013 for all those that have signed up to the new contracts. This means that all current leave should be taken by 31st August if possible. However, as this is the transition year (and only for this year), some days with manager approval may be carried over to your new leave year effective 01st September 2013. Going forward in 2014, there will be no carrying over of leave permitted.

If you have any issues taking your annual leave please talk to your local rep or convenor.

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