New national pay offer made – but it’s still a mere 1% (although with “no strings”)

Following the rejection by the local government trade unions (Unison, Unite and GMB) of the employers’ previous pay “options” of a 0.6% pay increase with no strings or a 1% increase with strings, the employers have now come back with a new pay offer. It is for a 1% pay rise from 1 April 2013 with no strings attached.

Members should be consulted on whether or not they wish to accept this offer shortly. Unison members in Scotland have already rejected a similar offer.

One response to “New national pay offer made – but it’s still a mere 1% (although with “no strings”)

  1. George Binette

    Members should be aware that UNISON members of the National Joint Council committee are due to meet on Tuesday morning 07 May, where a decision may be taken about a recommendation in the consultation exercise the union is due to undertake about the 1% offer. I’m sure that most members don’t need reminding that over the course of the past four years the real value of pay for the vast majority of us has shrunk by more than 15%, so the offer from the local government employers does nothing to stem the erosion of living standards for a huge swathe of the local government workforce. Likewwise, for the vast majority of us the new Camden contract will provide no redress either.

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