A magnificent victory against EDL in Walthamstow

The protest against the racist English Defence League on Saturday 1 September was supported by Camden UNISON.  The branch banner was on the march. 

 The EDL’s attempt to hold an anti-muslim march through Waltham Forest was comprehensively defeated by mass multi-cultural opposition.

It was a day of celebration that has delivered a humiliating defeat to the racist thugs of the English Defence League (EDL). The EDL wanted to stage its provocative anti-Muslim march through the multicultural borough in north east London as part of its campaign to spread race hatred. It was a failure.

The EDL called it a “make or break” day for its dwindling band of supporters. It promised to mobilise over 1,000 people for its Walthamstow demonstration. Only 150 turned up. They were blocked, diverted and finally told that their rally had to be abandoned.

In contrast between 3,500 to 4,000 people turned out to oppose them. UAF along with the “We Are Waltham Forest” campaign brought together trade unions, community and faith groups, and many others in a magnificent display of unity.

This miserable turn-out for the EDL — that at one time claimed to have thousands of active members — has triggered another round of resignations and in-fighting.

More at www.uaf.org.uk  with pictures and short video

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