NSL workers: Use your vote to keep the pressure on

Some 140 Camden UNISON members, employed on NSL’s Camden parking enforcement contract, should be receiving ballot papers in a strike ballot by this Saturday (9 June). The ballot closes on Wednesday 27 June.

Meanwhile, a Camden UNISON steward has reported today (Thursday 7 June) that local management is spreading the word that NSL are apparently considering an improved pay offer.

This is a potentially significant development, but it remains essential that members vote ‘YES’ and return their ballot papers.

Some may think that with this news we’ve won the fight for decent pay on the NSL contract. There is, however, every reason for them to vote to highlight the continued strength of feeling about low pay.  A poor turnout or a close result could lead NSL management to conclude there is no need to make a better offer (if that was indeed their intention).

In short, it remains vitally important for branch members working for NSL to send a clear message both to their employers and to our own union’s officials that they remain more than ready to take a stand to win a significant pay increase and improved conditions at work.

The UNISON branch see this dispute as having national significance and so we’re hoping to bring a delegation of NSL workers to Bournemouth during the union’s conference to highlight their fight against low pay and to build support in the event of strike action next month.

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