Contribute to our Camden Eye newsletter

Information about our regular newsletter, Camden Eye, and what sort of contributions we would like from members.

Any member may send in material for publication though it is a good idea to check with the editor Pete Ainsley beforehand. Please think about the audience when writing. The newsletter is sent to school support staff, estate officers, librarians, IT technicians, play workers, parking enforcement officers and many other groups. What will be of interest to them?

We are weak at the moment on trade union history, arts and culture. Why should we know about the Tolpuddle Martyrs and how did the outcome of the 1986 Wapping dispute shape the world of today?

We need to arm people with arguments. The whole welfare state is under attack. How do we counter government lies about public sector pensions (not ‘gold plated’), council housing and the NHS?

There are many, many issues to cover. We would especially welcome short articles of 150 to 200 words. Besides articles, photos, cartoons, poems and drawings are very welcome.

Getting your ideas into print is always fantastic and the wonderful thing about a union newsletter is that you can tell it as it is. No management spin. Ideas are powerful and a well informed membership is the stronger for it.

I look forward to new contributors.

Why not have a go? Please send articles to: and copy in

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