NSL surveillance victory

Camden Unison defends outsourced workers subjected to excessive CCTV surveillance.

This victory follows shortly after another for UNISON at NSL Shop steward Richards Zhungu’s workplace, Bedford House.

Five of his colleagues whose duty it is to monitor CCTV cameras for parking infringements were charged with gross misconduct for sleeping on duty.

While they monitor for parking infringements, they in turn are monitored by Camden employees by way of CCTV footage from office cameras. ‘Big Brother’ eat your heart out! On this occa­sion Camden alleged that the footage showed that the NSL staff were sleeping on duty. At the hearing (only one of the five was a UNISON member) we ar­gued that the footage was inconclusive – and that the cameras should not be used to monitor staff.

As a result all the charges were withdrawn and our member was the only one of the five to keep her job on the Camden contract. This showed to workers at Bedford House the impor­tance of being in UNISON and many joined as a result.

Because both cases raise issues around the inappro­priate use of CCTV footage we are to meet with NSL to see if this can be stopped.

If you are facing problems with monitoring and surveillance at your workplace contact Unison rep.

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