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Unwell or disabled? Don’t just leave!

handsSometimes workers who have become  seriously ill or disabled are tempted to resign or retire, however you should not do this before talking to your Unison rep: as recent two cases in CSF show where members nearly missed out on tens of thousands of pounds of benefits, as John Shepherd explains. Continue reading

Compensation win for agency worker paid through an umbrella company

umbrella companyCamden UNISON has won a four figure pay settlement for a member who was an agency worker in a school, paid through an umbrella company.
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Sports workers holiday pay win

TalacreCamden UNISON has won compensation payments of up to £8000 each for over 40 workers in sports development. The payments were for either zero hour contract workers, or permanent workers who did additional hours but did not receive corresponding holiday pay. Continue reading

Camden drops discriminatory appraisal scheme

FolloPRPwing three years of campaigning against the performance related pay (PRP) and appraisal scheme, we are extremely pleased that Camden has agreed to drop the scheme. Camden UNISON had demonstrated that the scheme penalised workers earning under £40k, black and minority ethnic staff, part-time workers, workers aged over 40 and disabled workers, and our survey also showed it was deeply unpopular and demotivating for most members.
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Unions at Sandwell Council negotiate no compulsory redundancies “jobs promise”

Following members and union reps at the local authority in the West Midlands being frustrated  with the council’s seeming lack of will to redeploy staff at risk of redundancy (sound familiar?), UNISON and the other unions have now successfully negotiated an agreement to ensure no compulsory redundancies 2015-17. Continue reading

Demonstrate against the cuts: Mon 13 April

lobbyJoin Camden UNISON’s lobby of the full Council meeting on Monday 13 April at 6 PM at the Judd Street entrance of the old Town Hall. Demonstrate against £73 million in cuts, 600+ job losses and compulsory redundancies. Continue reading

Compulsory redundancies are unnecessary: but we need to fight them

redundanciesAs the Council begins a new wave of cuts, figures obtained by Camden UNISON demonstrate that compulsory redundancies are avoidable. Over the last four years while the Council has made nearly 450 compulsory redundancies it has hired over 2100 new staff, but only redeployed 78. But to get the Council to change course will take pressure from UNISON members. Continue reading

Our living wage lobby makes CNJ front page

2015.03.05 CNJ front pageCamden UNISON’s lobby of the council on Monday for the living wage of around 60 residential care worker and Caterlink school meals worker members  got front-page coverage in the Camden New Journal, as well as detailed reporting within.  Reel News also made a short film about the demonstration and the campaigns, which you can see below. Continue reading

PRP: 15 years to get to the top of your grade if you’re “good”

What Justin Bieber may look like in 2030

What Justin Bieber may look like in 2030

Have you recently started in a new role in Camden? If so and you are at the bottom of your pay grade on the P&M contracts (so level 3 zone 1 and up) then it could be 2030 by the time you get to the top of the grade – and only then if you score a 3 in your appraisal every year. And if you are lower paid, you may never reach the top. Continue reading

Camden Unison wins 2.2% NJC pay award for all eligible staff

Percent growthThe Council is now implementing the National Joint Council (NJC) pay award, which covers the vast majority of council staff apart from senior managers, teachers, craft workers and youth workers. A similar settlement for craft workers, who are covered by a different national negotiating body, is being implemented at the same time.

What does this mean for our December pay and for our pay in the New Year? Continue reading