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Good result from sticking together through cuts


Camden UNISON stops compulsory redundancies and pay cuts of nearly £5000 per year in the Youth Offending Service. Continue reading

Redundancy improvements achieved for play workers

Camden UNISON has won increases in redundancy pay for several play workers, including winning redundancy pay for some casual play workers whom the council initially said were not entitled to redundancy. Continue reading

TUPE victory at Talacre sports centre


Camden UNISON achieves significant concessions for casual workers who were facing the sack with the privatisation of the Talacre sports centre. Continue reading

UNISON gains concessions in round one of play service closure

In the first set of closures in the play service scheduled for 31 March, UNISON has achieved several key concessions from management, including no compulsory redundancies.

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Sticking together on pensions

Protesters marching against cuts in pensions

The government has launched an ideological attack on public sector pensions. It aims to increase contributions, end final salary schemes, increase the retirement age and abolish the Fair Deal on Pensions which ensures staff whose work is privatised retain their existing pension entitlements or have a comparable scheme. Pensions are already being updated by the lower consumer price index. Continue reading

After 30 June: the recipe for a hot autumn

On Saturday 26 March, 500,000 trade unionists marched through the streets of central London on a demonstration called by the TUC. Continue reading

Know your rights: Re-organisations

A short introduction to your rights if your team or department goes through restructuring.
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It’s corporate directors’ pensions that society can’t afford

It’s wrong to blame public sector workers. Millions have seen their benefits decline. In pressing for an end to current public sector pension schemes, the CBI’s director general, John Cridland, writes: “Pension reforms will also help the prime minister’s ‘big society’ programme to really get off the ground. Public sector pensions remain the biggest barrier to the private and third sectors providing public services” (End this block over pensions, 10 March).

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Older people’s services cut to the bone

Service users and UNISON demonstrate against cuts

Services to older people in Camden are being slashed. Within the next three years, the plan is to end the Meals on Wheels service; close one of two specialist Dementia Day Centres; shut down all eight of the Good Neighbour schemes; close four popular Resource Centres (Millman Street, Great Croft, Hillwood and Henderson Court), leaving only Charlie Ratchford in Chalk Farm and Kingsgate in Kilburn; close at least five luncheon clubs, as well as advocacy and advice schemes for Learning Disabilities, HIV services, BME groups and outreach work.

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Meals on Wheels ended

 Meals on Wheels services are being withdrawn by Camden Council. This is a statutory service and the Council have decided to take away this service from some of the most vulnerable people without any proper consultation with the clients, their carers or families, the trade unions and the current provider claims to have had minimal information about the future of this service.

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