Test, test, test


                         Keep key workers virus free

rainbowClap for the NHS

Tests for the NHS

PPE for the NHS

Boris: Fund the NHS

Solidarity with NHS Workers – Thursdays, 8pm
Although lots of us are having to change how we work and what we are doing, our fellow UNISON members in the NHS are facing the most difficult time ever, made worse by years of underfunding and privatisation.
Last week it was excellent when millions came to stand on their doorsteps and balconies, or at their windows to collectively clap for the NHS. This is going to be a regular event each week. However, great though the clapping was, they need more than that, and so attached is a window/door poster saying, Camden UNISON says Clap for the NHS, Tests for the NHS, PPE for the NHS, Boris: Fund the NHS.

Please chant when clapping:

                                  Test, test, test


                         Keep key workers virus free

If you have a printer at home, it would be great if you can run it off and display it. But if you haven’t got a printer, why not just draw one with the slogans (and rainbow if you or your kids need a home-schooling art project!) and display that too. Like last week, it would be ace if you can video the clapping, and maybe take photos of where you’ve displayed the poster. If you email them in to we’ll be sending them to the Camden UNISON Health branches.

Liz Wheatley
Branch Secretary
London Borough of Camden

Telephone:   020 7974 1633

3rd floor Crowndale Centre
218 Eversholt Street
London NW1 1BD


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