New Camden “new contract” buyout

Camden management are rolling out a new window for members to voluntarily switch to the new contracts. This is the initial advice from Camden Unison.

Management made an announcement on essentials about an offer for LB Camden members on the “old” (pre–2012) contracts onto the “new” (post-2012) contracts.

Camden Unison has been involved in discussions around this. Following a number of improvements to the new contracts negotiated by Unison over the past few years – which have been made possible by the significant number of those of you who refused to sign them, for which we are very grateful – for some members there could now be possible benefits to transferring, although for some there could still be a significant loss in pay, as well as things like a longer working week for all and no more annual leave.

In addition, some questions about the transfer remain unanswered, for example around pay protection for workers on SO2 or PO2 grades.

So we would urge all of our members not to make any hasty decisions. Once we have some more information from management we will be circulating detailed advice for members with different individual circumstances. We will also be holding shop meetings where people can get tailored advice and ask questions.

We will be in touch shortly with more information, so watch this space.

We will be in touch by email, so if you don’t get emails from Camden Unison please contact and let us know your email address so we can keep you updated. You can also join our yammer group to keep informed.


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