Camden UNISON wins six-figure compensation for play workers

Camden Unison, parents and children demonstrate against closure of the play service

Camden Unison, parents and children demonstrate against closure of the play service

Camden UNISON has secured a payout of around £106,000 for 74 former play service workers following a claim for compensation for unpaid annual leave, and is now looking into other hourly-paid casual staff.

Prior to the closure of Camden’s in-house play service, Camden UNISON raised claims on behalf of casual play workers and play workers who worked a substantial number of additional hours, who we contended had not received holiday pay.

After several months of negotiations, management agreed to pay compensation to these workers of up to £4250 each. The average payout was over £1300.

This is in addition to enhanced redundancy pay which UNISON achieved for 7 employees who worked casual or additional hours worth up to £4500, and back pay for unpaid antisocial hours enhancements worth up to £2000 each for 10 workers.

This shows the importance of being a member of a union, especially in hard financial times.

UNISON believes that other hourly-paid or casual staff (often referred to as “sessional workers” in Camden) may also have not received holiday pay.

Legally, all workers are entitled to paid annual leave, even if they are casual, sessional, hourly-paid, zero-hour contract or agency workers. We are currently representing other individual members in different sections to claim back unpaid annual leave, and are due to meet with HR shortly to look at casual workers across the council to ensure staff are receiving their entitlements and get back pay where this was not the case.

If you are a casual, sessional or hourly-paid worker, make sure you are receiving what you are entitled to. Join UNISON today and join our campaign for fair treatment for casual workers!

Contact John Shepherd, CSF Unison co-convenor for more information on 020 7974 3972 or e-mail John.Shepherd at

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  1. Great stuff! Great campaign! Best wishes Heather

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