Camden Unison members working for NSL to strike on 9th, 10th and 11th August

As part of their struggle for fair pay, Camden Unison members employed by NSL on the parking enforcement contract are to take industrial action on Thursday 9th August, Friday 10th August and Saturday 11th August 2012.

The workers, who are paid just £8.09 an hour for what is a difficult and stressful job, took industrial action on 11th & 12th July in furtherance of their claim for a living wage and better terms and conditions. They intend to repeat this well-supported action on 9th, 10th and 11th August to get NSL to see sense and ensure that the employees who help generate NSL’s massive profits get a decent wage.

We would urge all trade unionists and all members of the public to support the NSL workers in their campaign.

Picket lines are operational from 6.30am on each strike day.

“Crowndale Base” – 19 Crowndale Rd, NW1 1TU

“Kilburn Base” – 199 Belsize Rd, NW6 4AA

“Hampstead Base” – 213 Haverstock Hill, NW3 4QR

“Guilford St Base” – 13-15 Guilford St, WC1N 1DW

“Camden Car Pound” – Regis Road (by the Recycling Centre entrance), NW5 3EW

“Holmes Road Base” – 25 Spring Place, Kentish Town, NW5 3AP

* fewer bases are opened on Saturdays, so contact the branch if you are considering supporting the picket lines on that day

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  1. i think this strike will waken the nsl people they will see the heavy blow of loss,

  2. Solidarity greetings from Sweden

  3. Good luck comrades!

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