Protestors voice their anger at private health provider’s decision to close Camden Road surgery

Protestors marched into the NHS North Central board meeting at St Pancras Hospital on Thursday, angry at the closure of the Camden Road GP’s surgery by the private company meant to be running it.

The board agreed that Harriet Wichtowski a Camden Road patient and Candy Udwin from Keep Our NHS Public could address the meeting. The letter that they had recieved is attached.

The board confirmed that there are still over 3000 patients who have not yet found a new GP in some of the areas of greatest health need in Camden and yet neither of the private companies involved are being penalised for washing their hands of the surgery. We believe that these patients need a local NHS doctors’ surgery.

We demanded that the board should continue to look for alternative premises and should discuss with local doctors the best way of providing services for these patients.

When the Chair and Chief Executive refused to even do this the protestors took over the meeting and the board members left! We held our own meeting to discuss how to take the campaign forward.

Thanks to everyone who joined the protest and has helped publicise the campaign over the last few weeks.

Please join us at the Campaign meeting on Monday and at the Council’s Health Scrutiny meeting on 11 April where the PCT and ‘The Practice plc’ will be asked to explain themselves, and there is a proposal for a Public Enquiry into what has happened at Camden Road.

MONDAY 02 APRIL at 7pm
St Paul’s Church, Camden Square, NW1 9XG



6 for 6.30pm

Camden Town Hall, Judd St, WC1

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